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Guitarista Muerto

Guitarista Muerto

Día de Los Muertos or All Souls Day is a highly celebrated and significant holiday held throughout Mexico, Latin America and the Southwest. It is a day when homage is paid with prayers, offerings of food, the making of arts and crafts as well as the building of altars to those who have gone before us. Each region has its unique style of celebration. Carmen and Zarco Guerrero have been celebrating the Annual Día de Los Muertos, a Celebration of Life, in Arizona for the past 25 years.

Lectures and Workshops

Papel Picado Workshop

Hands-on workshop (1 -2 hours/ 1-2 sessions ) on the ancient Mexican art of Papel Picado and its application to Día de Los Muertos decorations. Also explanation of the importance of this art form in many celebrations throughout Mexico.

Materials needed: Scissors, glue, yarn and tissue paper.

Appropriate for children 5th grade and up.

Mask Making Workshop

Paper cut out masks for children and adults. Hands on workshop (1-2 hours/1-3 sessions). La Calaca is the smiling skulls of meso American art and it is widely utilized during these holidays to signify “eternity.” Subsequent sessions can include masks of endangered species animals and more. The workshop also includes an explanation of the use of masks in ritual.

Materials needed: Scissors, glue, paper, staples, markers

Appropriate for children 3rd grade and up.

Día de los Muertos: A Celebration of Life Lecture

A 45 minutes PowerPoint presentation and lecture which explains the celebrations for Día de Los Muertos in the Southwest, especially in Arizona. The power point includes over 100 images of objects, masks and dance presentations during the 25 years of continued yearly performances in Mesa

Altar/Shrine Making Workshop: Cajitas Memorials

A two hours and workshop detailing the making of a home altar — Cajitas/ shrine — utilizing recycled boxes (either wood or paper) and found objects as well as personal mementos in preparation to remember our loved ones

Materials needed: Cigar boxes, paper and cloth scraps, personal photos or mementos from participants.

Appropriate for students 9th grade and up.

For more information contact Carmen @ (480) 834-5731 or send a message through our Contact page.

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