Face to Face in a Frenzy DVD


Mask Madman Zarco Guerrero brings universal archetypes to life in this freaked-out and extremely funny folly featuring a curious cast of hand-carved characters.

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Face to Face in a Frenzy is performance art and story telling at its very best: educational, entertaining, extremely comical and universal in appeal. Artist Zarco Guerrero (www.zarkmask.com) presents a whole new approach to character education, wellness and prevention in this thought provoking and heart felt production.

With a masters’ touch, Zarco personifies everyday people and endows them with the power of pride, self esteem and hope.

The artist grabs our attention with his mesmerizing masks and maintains our interest as his hilarious characters deliver eloquent monologues laced with poetry and positive messages.

Zarco addresses important issues such as bullying, violence, drug and alcohol abuse, smoking and the importance of staying in school.

Face to Face is the epitome of art as social service that has awed and inspired audiences of all ages and demographics. This DVD also hilights a compelling interview with the artist in his studio and an intimate tour of his retrospective museum exhibition Caras y Mascaras: Faces and Masks.

It features the music of violin virtuoso Quetzal Guerrero (www.qviolin.com) and includes a comprehensive booklet of poetry for the creative writing and motivational programs.

Copyright ©2006 Zarco Guerrero and Amendola Publishing

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